Spring Things

So let's just move past the fact that I have not posted in almost 3 months....well actually exactly 3 months today. I only write when I have inspiration and well mostly time. I am baaaack for the roughly 100 of you that think my musings are at all interesting, HAY I see you.

This post will focus around...you guessed it spring favorites, fashion, food, things I am into or want to be into. If you are interested in my latest fashion obsessions, upcoming trips, recipes I am loving and well my next wish-list item sit down grab some vino and stay a while. I am rarely if ever short winded. #toomanywords

New New Fashion Favorites / Wish-list Wants

  1. Culottes aka Wide Leg Crops: seriously loving this trend. Both flattering and comfortable I am loving these. I own these from Aritzia and I have to stop myself from wearing them daily. Think pyjamas but appropriate for work, errands, drinking wine...you get it. Zara has these which are a great option if you want to dabble in this trend and keep things cheap and cheerful. 
  2. Backpacks and Fanny packs: I am eyerolling as I write this....I scoffed at these two trends but recently started having complete backpack envy. I personally love this affordable option by Rebecca Minkoff as well as this #extra option from Saint Laurent. I doubt I will take the plunge but if you have frivolous funds can you buy one so I can swoon? Now fanny packs.....I completely rejected this craze. When my sister in law, resident fashion forward bombshell, asked for one as a gift a few years ago I passively but mostly aggressively told her "girl no". Fast forward to me being late to the party and now I am stalking every brand and find myself wanting the undeniable convenience of my 10000 liquid lipsticks chilling around my waist! Brilliant really.
  3. Mules: again I realize I am late on almost all "must have" fashion of the moment, but it takes me a while to love things. I have to let it settle and love it for more than a minute. I have champagne taste and can't afford to just throw-down cash for every new new trend #iwish. I purchased my first pair of mules from a local genius Last Shoes this past year and I wore them pretty much daily until weather forced me to shelf them for the snow. I also received a beautiful pair of slip on Sol Sana "Grace" slides from Swank Shoe Lounge for Christmas #motherinlawoftheyear and despite it being forever winter here I wear them often and absolutely love them. Next up in my mule obsession is a pair off slip on heeled mules like the "Clarice" by Sol Sana. Generally, I let things sit in my online cart for weeks or sometimes months. My bank account and husband thank me for this lack of shopping commitment. 
  4. Muted Pastels: yes you read that right....color...who am I? I find myself drawn lately to the muted pink and powder blue tones that were likely "in" last spring but notice a theme? I am loving oversized coats, accessories and "basics" in these colors and I find myself wanting to step out of my blackonblackonblack comfort zone. 
  5. Luggage: luxury and realistic. I recently picked up this rose toned herschel medium sized suitcase from Momentum Saskatoon and I am obsessed with it, it's both a beautiful muted rose as well as durable and travel friendly. My wish-list item of the moment is a luxury travel duffel. We all see how they treat the checked luggage when you fly on a commercial flight, and hey guess what I am not Beyonce and I do not own a private jet.  I can however justify (eyeroll) an upgraded duffel for carry-on, short trips, and long weekend getaways...aka Prince Albert. I am headed to New York next week and have my eye on a few variations including the Louis Vuitton "Keepall". 

Food & Fun

  1. Foodatrian - Vegan / Vegetarian / Pescatarian:  Newsflash I am a major foodie. Hell, I had a whole instagram at one time dedicated to food and recipes. Although that is no longer my main focus, I do still love food and more importantly healthy alternatives to my favorite things. Lately upon heavy influence from my co-worker who co-owns YXE's newest and only all vegan restaurant GUD Eats, I have been exploring animal friendly options. Don't get excited, I am not vegan nor do I plan to be at this time, but being a part of the #dairymakesmescary club makes vegan options appealing. Plus, let's be honest going meat free once or twice a week is not going to do any harm to our wonderful planet #notanactivist.
  2. Fishin Around: living in Saskatchewan vs California has a few downfalls....outside of the obvious 6 months of winter and lack of ocean. One of these is an absence of freshly caught seafood. Lately I have been loving some fish varieties that are "new" to me and some that are old but rediscovered. Cod, I have always been a fan of white fish, mainly halibut but decided to pick up some "fresh" cod filets a few weeks ago and yum! How am I just trying this now? It has quickly become a part of my weekly grocery list and it's healthy, easy to cook, and high in protein #winning. Next up is Ahi Tuna, I have always enjoyed it but recently with the Poke trend I have been loving it again! It's also readily available here in Saskatchewan I can easily order it. My current favorite is the Tuna Tataki from Sticks and Stones here in Saskatoon. 
  3. New New Repeat Recipe: I am a creature of habit, once I find a delicious and nutritious recipe I generally rotate it until I am beyond sick of it and then take a break. Recently I rediscovered an old favorite, Broccoli Slaw Mac Salad. It's healthy take on the yummy but heavy macaroni salad my mom made growing up. This is for 2 servings! 
    1. 1 Bag of Broccoli Slaw
    2. 1/8th cup of yellow mustard
    3. 1/4th cup light mayo
    4. Dill (fresh or not) - use to your preferred taste
    5. Reduced fat cheddar cut into small cubes (generally about 60g) 
    6. Nitrate free deli ham cut into small pieces 
    7. Salt & Pepper to taste 
    8. Toss to coat and enjoy

Travel Tidbits

  1. Banff, Alberta, Canada: Seriously this place, the Fairmont, the views, the hikes, the food...it never gets old. I recently returned from a huge work conference that I co-directed and we hosted it at my favorite hotel The Fairmont Banff Springs. The conference was a huge success and new learning opportunity for me. Banff itself was still the same consistent amazing place that my husband and I have grown to enjoy as "our place". Each year for the past 3 years we have spent a better part of my birthday weekend / week at the Fairmont. We have stayed at the Rundle, The Fairmont Lake Louise and The Fairmont Banff springs and I can confidently say The Banff Springs wins by a landslide. Don't get me wrong, all of these venues offer the beauty and luxury of Banff but each time we stay at this hotel we love it more. The service is impeccable, the food and variety is world class and the quiet beauty of Banff is like nothing else. I highly recommend you taking a weekend away to this magical place and ask me for a list of "musts" if you do. I promise I will try and keep it as brief as I can manage..key word try.
  2. Extended Weekend Trips: Scott and I love jetsetting to a new bustling city and exploring, discovering, and tasting all that we can in a short time period. Last year we travelled to Toronto, spoiler alert, we loved it! This year (next week) is New York City. I have been a few times but never with Scott and not with a good amount of time to explore and do some non-touristy things. We cannot wait to spend five days full of food, rooftop bars, a baseball game (ON HIS ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!!), a taping of Jimmy Fallon, a broadway show, and finally relaxing a little at this 5 star hotel #swoon. The main objective is to discover as many "local spots" as we can and avoid Times Square if at all possible, oh and of course buy myself a little #tomefromme vacation treat, see above wish-list items. 

Do you even Fitness?

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 11.35.05 AM.png
  1. Recently I jumped back into the land of Crossfit and as much as it gets a lot of flack...its effective, fun, and I love it. The best part is, it's one hour and gets you results. Key word, results, is that not what most of us workout for? Ya ya health, but mostly #bikinibod. This is not an ad (I wish), but if you want to drink the kool-aid and join me they host a bring a friend every month for free. 

That is it for now, I hope you enjoyed this very long winded (I warned you!) spring post that was a mishmash of all things I am loving, wishing for, and eating lately. What are some things you are loving? Email me or visit me on my instagram and let me know! 

Yours truly in all things New New,