Mindful Mandi?

So if any of you follow my social media nonsense on instagram then I am sure you have noticed that I am making a somewhat concerted effort to reduce the crap in my life. I will preface this and say I didn't wake up a few months ago and decide ok today is the day I am cutting out everything and starting over, it was and is still a work in progress. It started from the bottom now we're here you might say? 

The metaphorical "bottom" I speak of started with diet crack aka diet soda/drinks. I have always chosen the ignorance is bliss path when it comes to artificial sweeteners. When you live the #icecube life zero calorie beverages and mystery food is crucial to maintaining any sort of sanity and once I started tracking macros, the love affair with #chemicals continued. I can have half a bottle of mystery maple flavored liquid for zero calories? Yes please! I don't regret certain choices because let's be honest the path you take leads you to where you are or something profound like that right? My relationship with fake food helped me reach certain goals, discover what I am capable of when it comes to setting a goal and attaining it and realize what I will and won't consume going forward. So the first step in "cutting the crap" was diet soda. This I knew would be the hardest habit to kick so I started there and only there. May was a rollercoaster month and eye opening to how difficult it can be to break a long time habit. Here we are July almost complete and I still think about reaching for a diet soda at least a few times a week. 

Along the same lines organically (ooo look at me using trendy terms) #callmegranola I subconsciously started minimizing my consumerism. Don't get me wrong I still feed the machine and lust over fashion week, newnew items released by coveted brands such as Gucci, YSL, and many others, I started to reduce how much mindless spending I was doing on my wardrobe. Why am I buying $100 dollars worth of clothing that will last until I wash it? What do I actually wear and love regularly? Quality basics and this spiralled into my new outlook of minimalism my way and I cleaned out and reduced my closet. This post goes more into detail on my #qualityoverquantity journey, give it a read if you are interested at all in how I justify buying Gucci and go into far too much detail on things that don't actually matter #materialisticforlife.

How is cutting out aspartame and buying Gucci related Mandi? I don't know if they are really are but its my journey so come along! This new viewpoint / lifestyle shift is anything but clear its going in the right direction, mindfulness in baby steps. 

The next step on this adventure was and is to reduce some plastic / waste in my day to day. As a self proclaimed "meal prepper" I have used my fair share of plastic bags, containers, saran wrap, and the list continues. I can easily go through a box of plastic bags in a short period of time, and the amount of grocery bags we have in a drawer in our kitchen is embarrassing. I have taken the step of using re-usable grocery bags for the past few months but the next step is axing the additional plastic where I can. Mason jars for pantry items, glass lunch containers for work and fridge leftovers, and the elimination of ziploc bags, are just a few ways I can easily swap some plastic consumption in our household. I just recently purchased a safety razor from a local company called Shave Valet on recommendation from one of my favorite carbon conscious fashionista's Tiara from The Raw Fashion Blog. It will take some getting used to but it was again a simple way to cut down on unnecessary plastic, that is also supporting a local business #winwin. 

Next up, liquid household and beauty items. This is going to be interesting. My first dabble was with toothpaste and body wash. Two items that I felt I could easily swap for more natural, better for me items. I ordered the Tom's natural sensitive toothpaste and swapped my typical body wash for a more natural one. Am I in love with either of these? No. Stay tuned for my favorite and unfavorites in an upcoming post. I plan to be a #selfproclaimedbasic girls guinea pig guide to hippie life. Fun right? The less bikini competitors I follow and the more vegan, earth loving, I don't wear makeup, and only eat spirulina influencers I follow, the more I want to at least attempt to make some better choices. Calm down, I do not plan to stop wearing makeup, or stop dying my hair blonde. I don't plan to stop flushing my toilet at night #gross. For now I just want to make swaps where I can as items run out. Next up laundry detergent, natural purple shampoo, and hand soap. These products are all easily accessible in the "natural" world so the options are endless for quality without noticing a big difference in my day to day, so why wouldn't I? 

To wrap it up, I plan to bring you all along with periodic posts on my journey from #materialistictomindful. I want to make it accessible, relatable, and most of all real. I won't be perfect, I won't do everything right, I likely will still be a cog in the proctor and gamble wheel (not a real wheel a metaphoric one in case you were concerned about my fear of heights). Choosing to not do anything at all because its so overwhelming and seems impossible is an easy default but when you have local places like Soul Food Grocers and the Farmers market providing accessible affordable products and nutrients its hard to ignore. Influencers like Raw Fashion Blog, KY FitThe Clothe Voyant, Sarahs Day, Lee from America, The Earth Diet, and many others are making mindfulness cool again. Reducing plastic, thrifting clothing, buying less, eating whole foods, all things I can get on board with. The more I read, the more I educate myself the harder it is to not change, adapt, grow, and do my part, even if its small. Who is this you may ask? It's still me, materialistic, selfish, sometimes ignorant, but always seeking self improvement. Stay tuned.

Yours truly in all things NewNew,