Fallin': A Basics Spirit Season

So instead of giving some long winded excuse for not posting #sorrynotsorry. I sometimes wish I could live that blogger life but I have a full time job and a full time life, and this is a passion project. 

I am sure this comes as no surprise but I am a self proclaimed #basic and fall is my spirit season. Pumpkin everythang, scarves, leggings, oversized sweaters, and the neutrals, ahhh don't get me started on the neutrals #greigeislife.  In the interest of loving everything about this season I want to share a few of my favorite "must haves" for fall. Using the term "must have" for what it is really is, an excuse to NEED something that you definitely do not need at all. 

1. Fall footwear: one of the 1000 reasons I love fall is the footwear. Booties, mules, tall boots, the options are endless and they pull together every basic outfit. A few of my current purchases are filling my materialistic heart with butterflies and temporary happiness. Nothing is better than that NewNew feeling of sliding on a new fresh pair of booties and walking your runway.....aka the hallway to your office at work #werkit Am I right?! 

2. Light weight jackets, oversized mens shirts, and long sweaters: In summer this equals light weight vests and in fall all this means is I add sleeves to my vests or I wear long sleeves under them. I don't reinvent the wheel, I go with what I like, what I think works for my style, and I try and repurpose, reuse, and keep it simple. Throw a good long jacket or vest over a neutral t-shirt, bodysuit or long sleeve and damn girl you have an "outfit". Feeling uninspired, head into your husband's closet and throw on one of his dress shirts or chunky sweaters. Do not be afraid to wear one color, it has worked for me for years and cat woman does it so why can't you? #blackonblackonblack

3. Leather Pants & Black Denim: I am quite certain that in the fall/winter months I alternate between leather (or pleather) pants and black denim 7 days a week. Throw on a good pair of black skinnies with pretty much any variation of mens shirt, chunky knit sweater or slinky tank and you have a combination that can be worn out on the town (or in my case out until 8pm), or to work day to day. They always match, they will always be in style IMO, and they are flattering. Win, Win, Win. 

I could continue on and make this longer than it needs to be (see earlier posts) but in the interest of posting more often and more consistently, I will close this here. I am not a fashion expert (ok well in my mind I am), I am definitely not always "on trend" but I do have a definitive viewpoint on style. In my opinion, this can translate to anyone who:

  1. Keeps it simple
  2. Spends more on less
  3. When in doubt chooses black.

Yours truly in all things New New,