Tidbit Tuesday

The NewNew Style Bible

I hesitated writing this particular post because well fashion is subjective. What one person deems as classic another thinks is old fashioned or dated. What one labels "eclectic" another may label out of touch. The reality of the fashion world is its personal, its unique, its highly opinion based and well almost everyone has a strong stance on it even if that is "I don't care". If you are making statements about not caring loudly enough, guess what #youeffingcare.

The inspiration for the post moving forward is conveniently after a little indulgent shopping in Toronto and in conjunction with the Aritzia sale. It also seemed fitting with my most recent NewNew revelation of less is more and quality over quantity. I have reduced my wardrobe significantly over the last few years and now have what I would call a "wardrobe bible" that I try and not only follow myself but suggest to others when they ask (or even when they don't) #sorrynotsorry

I will preface this by saying: I have a distinct style, I am known for my "classic" taste that consists of neutral colors, basic cuts, and the odd trendy item paired with some good shoes and a great handbag. I am going to try and keep this as basic as I can, but keep in mind this is my blog, my thoughts, and well my opinion and we all know I #alwayshaveanopinion. 

My NewNew Staples:

  1. Good Figure Flattering Denim: I don't care if high waisted bell bottoms are the current trend, please just find a quality pair of denim that flatters your body type and save your money on the trendy figure fail jeans. Find a pair of denim based on trial. Yes I know buying jeans is hard (and trust me its hard for any shape and size) but try on a few different brands in different cuts and for goodness sake bring someone honest, has a good eye and will actually tell you the truth. We all have the gracious amazing friend who will always tell you "you look amazing" but this is not the time or event for that friend. You need someone who says "your legs look like stumps in those, your butt looks like a pancake, or those jeans make you look 10lbs heavier. Yes its hard but its well worth it. My personal favorite denim brands that are high quality and great for us more bottom heavy are Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity, and Mother Denim. They carry some select styles of these brands at Aritzia and a fantastic local store here in Saskatoon that brings in a solid line up of great options is Era Style Loft downtown. 
  2. Skinny Black Pants: This are the ultimate wardrobe staple for versatility. I suggest selecting a pair that has a tight fit so you can wear them with both boots and a tunic or with a great heel or flat. Having belt loops helps with adding another dimension without having several pairs of pants. This is a key item to reducing your wardrobe, while still having a variety of "outfits" to wear. My personal favorite: The Elliot pant by Babaton, this are a great figure flattering material and the best part? They can be machine washed and dried. I have had mine for over 3 years and they still look great. 
  3. Black Boots (Ankle / Knee): I feel everyone already knows and follows this but I am including it anyways. Gone are the days of having 30+ pairs of shoes. I now invest in quality shoes in neutral colors, not only will they stand the test of time, they also can be worn with a variety of different outfits and occasions making them well worth the investment. A good start is having ONE pair of great ankle boots in black and ONE pair of mid to high length black boots. My personal favorites: The Rag & Bone Harrow Boot which I have owned for 3+ years and still wear 2x weekly, well worth the spendy price tag. The Acne Chelsea Boot, they are a bit of a strong statement but strong is the name of the game and I think they are #fire. Finally for a knee height boot I personally think Stuart Weitzman makes a great classic high boot to suite everyones taste as well as Michael Kors. I am personally not a huge MK fan but each season they offer a classic knee high quality leather boot that is in a reasonable price range and will never go out of style. Both of these brands can be found locally at one of my favorite stores Swank Shoe Lounge , warning you may black out and wake up with 4 pairs of shoes, your credit card smoking a cigarette, and wonder how you got there.
  4. A Great T-shirt in a few colors: I firmly believe every single wardrobe can benefit from having a great fitting, quality t-shirt. One in white, black, and grey. Personal favorite: The Tandis by Wilfred or The Sami T-Shirt by Babaton, I own and love both, they have a nice weight to them, great flattering silhouette, and wash well.
  5. A Long Vest: What I like to call the NewNew blazer. I own one in every neutral color and they are a fantastic option to add over any casual outfit to make it work appropriate, or as simple way to create some variety to your look. This one and this one are both a nice cut and flatter any body shape. It makes any #basic outfit next level. 
  6. Tank Dress: A tank dress in both black and white (even mix up materials), can be the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe, you can dress it up add strappy heels and a good coat for a night out or you can pair it with some light denim and sneakers for a #superday. This is also a great option when you just getting back from a vacation where you had one to many desserts, happy hour started at noon and your pants are judging you. My picks: The Vivienne by Wilfred and The Rosa by Wilfred
  7. A Button Up: This goes without saying but a good long sleeve button up shirt is an essential for every wardrobe. Equipment makes perfect silk button up, they have absolutely #nailedit. Go get one, you will not regret it. This local spot carries a variety of styles based on the season!
  8. A Quality Handbag: seriously. Delete those trendy, low quality, garbage bags and invest in at least ONE good bag. My personal preference is to have two, one for work and one for evenings/weekend, but if bags are not your thing then just get one good one that you will / can have for a lifetime. A few reasons to support my case, if you add up all the low price bags you have purchased over the years and no longer use, are no longer in style, or just fall apart, how much have you actually spent? My guess is $1000+, and my follow up guess is you have always optioned for the lower price bag because #practical #saving #budget. Well ding ding, if you just invest in a quality, classic, timeless bag you will not only save over the long term but you can use it as a wardrobe statement. You can dress up any moderate to low price outfit with this accessory, and further more if you buy a designer bag you can pass it along and create some vintage for the next generation! This is a hard one to suggest for specific bags as this is very lifestyle based. Do: you should choose a bag in black, that is easily transition from day to night if needed, and that you can actually use. Do not: buy a bright color, buy a "this season" trend, or a bag that is impossible to get in and out of insert: Celine Belt Bag. Here are a few of my top work and life bag suggestions: The quintessential work and travel bag that I own and use every single day The Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, The All Saints Echo Tote, and on my wish list the YSL medium Sac De Jour #drool. Weekend/Evening picks: The Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag, The MCM Milla Double Leather Crossbody, and finally the YSL Wallet on a Chain. The bags will look great, will be in style for more than 5 minutes, and you can feel #boujie even if you are wearing one of your great $40 t-shirts. 

From years of curating a solid "style" and wardrobe I feel confident If you follow this NewNew style bible you will find yourself with more money not less, a versatile closet, more time making memories and less time in shopping malls. Take risks but make them calculated, buy less not more, invest in a great handbag, and finally and most importantly #lululemonsarenotdresspants. Ever. 

Yours truly in all things NewNew,