I made an instagram post Monday May 1st and titled it May Motivations. I found it almost theraputic to create and I really enjoyed having a simple list of small goals to work on in a 4 week time frame. I found myself feeling excited about my little mini goals and "motivated" all month long.

#TBT to May Motivation Post!

Lets reflect because #accountability. 

  1. H20: Ensure I drink more water than caffeine and diet soda everyday. Starting in about 2006, the year I decided I wanted to be skinny, yes admittedly 18 year old me thought "skinny" was a goal #wowza, I developed some terrible habits. One of these habits was a diet soda per day. Originally this started as a way to eat less because eating less means weighing less right? #wrong. Despite evolving from my crash diet of ice cubes, gusts of wind, and vodka specials, this habit has stayed with me over the last 10+ years. I have since gained some real knowledge on nutrition and eating intelligently #icecubelifewashard. I always justified this daily chemical #shitstorm because I was by all other accounts "healthy". Well today I can confidently say that I have not had a single diet soda in 31 days. I am not perfect nor am I pretending that I won't have a zero calorie beverage every now and then but I am regularly drinking water vs diet soda daily so yay me! 
  2. Focus on whole foods: This is another extension of my younger vain self who only cared about being thin and the addiction to artificial sweetener and diet food was and still is #real. Doing a bikini prep and a wedding dress prep didn't help these habits as when on a restrictive program sometimes zero chemical is better than zero food #reality. "Sugar Free, reduced sugar, low fat, low calorie" items became a daily part of my diet and while I appeared healthy my veins were/still are somewhat filled with aspartame and diet filler foods. Since the beginning of the year and trying to embrace my idea of balance I am continually trying to reduce the crap and eat more whole foods. I have done fairly well in May and plan to continue this journey onward. I am making zero promises to restrict, eliminate, or become that annoying person that preaches about only eating "clean food" because I personally don't bleach my food and don't understand why anyone would? I plan to just continue to 90/10 the F out of my life and it seems to be working well #hellohappyhour. 
  3. Local Skincare: win and lose. Win, the Prairie Bliss facial cleanser is #bomb and feels like a spa treatment every time I shower and despite the well known fact that I am team #neverwashmyhair I do in fact shower daily, I swear. Lose, trying some local bar soap in place of liquid body wash, um.....sandpaper snakeskin is not my jam so this is still a work in progress. 
  4. Read at least one book: happy and sad to report that I did read ONE book, how is it possible that I was only able to get through one? Well goals are goals and at least I was realistic about what my #goldfish attention span would manage. Next month a lofty goal of TWO books is on the agenda. #dreamingbig
  5. Curate content: This is my absolute favorite to reflect on. I have always wanted to start a blog. I was consistently making excuses mixed with insecurities and lack of direction lead to waiting far too long. Well this month I did it, and so far I am creating content/posts on my social media and on this little #passionproject blog that I am proud of. I have discovered a love of writing that I did not know existed, a confidence in myself and a platform to share, laugh, ramble, and maybe even inspire someone else to do the same! I can't wait to keep this going and improve, add, iterate, and be #basic AF with anyone who joins me! 

Ok now what? JUNE!!! Let's keep this #selfimprovement train going.......

(yes, embrace the alliteration)

  1. Enjoy Summer: last summer at this time I was in major #fitinmydress mode and missed some memories in the the early days of summer. I had to put in some serious #work leading into the big day. I felt absolutely perfect on my wedding day, I felt accomplished, beautiful, and had ZERO regrets walking towards my husband feeling like a 10. In saying this, yes I am proud of my dedication last year, but this year I want to keep going on my new finding my own kind of balance. I plan to hit up as many patio's as possible, enjoy social outings with friends, travel, go to the lake, and eat maybe a little bit "too much". #memoriesovermacros
  2. Golf: keep going, go to the driving range, put in the effort, not quit. That is all. 
  3. Swear less: I swear too much, I realize this entire post contains references to F quite a bit, but none the less I want to swear less. I use it far too often for emphasis and it likely makes me sound like an uneducated, abrasive human. I do not need a curse word in front of my already opinionated vocabulary to get my point across. My loud, direct demeanor is likely enough #selfaware.
  4. Say NO. I have a terrible habit of overcommitting then getting anxiety when I have too many plans and flaking. I want to be reliable, even if its for small plans and be less flaky. For me that means saying NO sometimes and saying yes when I really mean it. Week nights in general I have a bad habit of saying yes to plans like after work drinks, driving range, walks, tea, etc and 8/10 times I end up bailing the day of. My #morningcreature life makes regular weeknight plans after 7pm unrealistic and I need to just own it. I do however plan to continue to embrace happy hour because of many reasons mentioned in my previous post but mainly #wineislife and hangovers are not.  
  5. Run outside 1x per week. I used to run a lot in my "I want to be skinny" goal setting days. I resented it for a long time because it was attached to bad body image memories. Now I want to incorporate it to #getoutsidemore and enjoy the small window of nice weather and beautiful trails we have here in our Paris of the Prairies. My beloved #stairmonster at Motion Fitness will still get my love at 445 am but at least once a week I want to get outside and breathe air that isn't filled with cologne fumes, sweat, and BCAA powder. 

What are your June Joys? What are you going to do this month to be a 10? Striving is thriving and why not be the best version of YOU! 

Yours truly in all things NEW NEW,


------------> BONUS<-------------


Summer Sorbet 


*vegan #dairymakesmescary


  1. 1/2 small frozen ripe banana
  2. 1/2 heaping cup mango/pineapple/papaya (or whatever frozen fruit mix you like)
  3. 3/4 cup frozen rhubarb (this is crucial, low in sugar, and adds great volume)
  4. 1 full zuchinni (frozen or not)
  5. 1 scoop vegan protein (my favorite is Sun Warrior Warrior Blend)
  6. 4-6 large ice cubes
  7. 1/2 cup dairy free milk
  8. 1/4 cup water 


Blend on high in a GOOD blender (vitamix, blendtech, ninja), you will likely need to stop and stir stop and stir a few times as you are making a thick sorbet. Adjust liquid to ensure it mixes but be patient and DO NOT put too much in, start with a minimal amount and add tiny amounts until you get the texture you want. If all else fails BAM you have a yummy fruit smoothie :). This is a perfect yummy treat for the summer that is sweet and a little easier on your tummy and waist line because #summerbody and save it for the patio wine.