Mandi's Musings: December

Read: Radical Candor by Kim Scott

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This book will change how you communicate. It is a great read for anyone in the workforce, not just managers. It has actual tactics and insight on how you can communicate more effectively and it does not contain a bunch of "fluff". I am a big proponent of team #nobullshit when it comes to communication but I will admit that my delivery is often a bit "harsh". This book embraces the art of how to "tell it like it is" without being a total dick. 

Watch: Workin' Moms on CBC

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its brilliant, raw, hilarious, and sad all at once. It makes you uncomfortable but in the best way and you connect with the vulnerability of the women on this show. Surprisingly it makes motherhood and having a career feel more accessible even while on the surface it seems to be presenting the opposite. The daily struggles are strangely sad but hey who doesn’t want more real sh**? I know I do…and I think you do to. 

Go: For Breakfast at Hometown Diner

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They are now open at 7 am so you can head there before work, which is a game changer for us “sellouts” that have fairly standard office hours. Don’t get me wrong Scarlet is still my BF but this little diner is a great change and the aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly the atmosphere makes for a great social media photo. Who doesn't want a perfectly #notcandid photo of their feature donut, staged beside a stereotypical cappuccino. 

Follow: The Hustle

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As a previous long time subscriber of the daily newsletter The Skimm I am not new to the daily newsletter space. For me The Skimm started to feel a bit tired and highly political. I was deleting it more than I was opening it so I pulled the plug. I needed something new. Insert ——> The Hustle a #millennial daily dose of tech and business news. It has a bare bones format, a definitive writing style that offers dry humour and a brilliant format that seamlessly transitions from small tidbits to ads that are relevant and simple. Click here to sign up, you won’t regret it, unless you have zero sense of humour and hate being informed #friendsoff. 

Eat: Shift Restaurant in the Remai

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This brand new restaurant in the Remai Art Gallery in YXE not only offers dinner with a view of the South Saskatchewan, it also serves up an amazing mix of innovative art and design. This new edition to Saskatoon gives a big city feel to our bustling little city and makes you feel like you are much cooler than you actually are….#iamsocultured.  

Drink: Little the Long Dog (France) White Wine

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Crisp, refreshing, dry and a steal at $13.99. This is not only an adorable bottle but its a great vino to have on hand for friends, for dinner, for days that end in y. 

Buy: Last Shoes custom made mules or boots. 

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Since ordering my pair of slip on mules 2 months ago I have worn these #hipster kicks at least 4/7 days of the week. His shoes are not only beautiful, but they are practical, comfortable, and did I mention handmade? He also offers custom order boots and they are definitely next on my list. If you enjoy quality over quantity like me, and you are dying to fit in with all the cool kids in Riversdale then head to his website or his adorable little store on Avenue C. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as a part of a series I plan to continue on a monthly basis. If you end up trying any of these things make sure you tag me and use the hashtag #mandismusings and share it on social if you want others to enjoy some of these musings as well. 

Yours truly in all things New New,