Local Gift Guide: YXE

The New New Gift Guide: YXE

This year I am on a mission to shop locally as much as I can. The goal is 8/10 gifts to come from a local store, restaurant, salon, or vendor. I love this city and we have some #boss companies here in #yxe so it won’t be hard! Check out my list of go-to’s to get some inspiration, discover some new shops, or just find some ideas to send for your Wishlist this year. Happy Shopping! 

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Mandi's Musings: December

This book will change how you communicate. It is a great read for anyone in the workforce, not just managers. It has actual tactics and insight on how you can communicate more effectively and it does not contain a bunch of "fluff". I am a big proponent of team #nobullshit when it comes to communication but I will admit that my delivery is often a bit "harsh". This book embraces the art of how to "tell it like it is" without being a total dick. 

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Mindful Mandi?

So if any of you follow my social media nonsense on instagram then I am sure you have noticed that I am making a somewhat concerted effort to reduce the crap in my life. I will preface this and say I didn't wake up a few months ago and decide ok today is the day I am cutting out everything and starting over, it was and is still a work in progress. It started from the bottom now we're here you might say? 

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Tidbit Tuesday

I hesitated writing this particular post because well fashion is subjective. What one person deems as classic another thinks is old fashioned or dated. What one labels "eclectic" another may label out of touch. The reality of the fashion world is its personal, its unique, its highly opinion based and well almost everyone has a strong stance on it even if that is "I don't care". If you are making statements about not caring loudly enough, guess what #youeffingcare.

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Eat This, Not That, But Maybe This?

By now if you have graciously read my previous few posts I have given a lot of insight into my relationship with food. From overeating, under eating, fad diet-ing, macro-counting, and all sorts of other "ings". I have zero #regrets as all of the "experimentation" has given me experience with what works best for me as well as an appreciation for what others go through when it comes to the struggle of finding "what works". I definitely agree that nutrition is not a "one size fits all" kind of thing but there are a few tips I would give to anyone trying to find their way in in the complicated world of eat this not that but maybe this?

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I made an instagram post Monday May 1st and titled it May Motivations. I found it almost theraputic to create and I really enjoyed having a simple list of small goals to work on in a 4 week time frame. I found myself feeling excited about my little mini goals and "motivated" all month long.

#TBT to May Motivation Post!

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